21 May 2009

Batik: ada kain, baju tidur butterfly, baju kemeja, kek..

This afternoon, I decided to try the Kek Batik Vico recipe that mom has. The thing is, dari ariatu sudah ia kan suruh cuba buat but I wasn't in the mood since I have been infected with the Grey's Anatomy marathon fever, hahaha, so most afternoons, meliat tv tah ku pulang nah. But now that season 2 sudah abis ku liat, I decided to bake early this afternoon.

I realise that I miss baking, haha. This was my first time trying the recipe and I learned that it doesn't consume much of your time to make. Only the weird thing was that, you don't even require a mixer to make the cake. All you need is just the stove.. well, according to the recipe that I have anyway, hehe. So does that qualify as 'baking'? Hmmm... Owh and I also noticed that we have to be quick when mixing the ingredients in the cooking pan since they seem to get 'sticky' quite fast and cook rather quickly compared to the 'normal' kek batik. That was what I got. I don't know if I did the baking correctly, haha. But the cake turned out rather nicely and tastes very chocolatey, nyum! :)

Getting the ingredients ready :)

Butter with eggs and nestum in the wok. I used a large wok since I tend to spill stuff, haha :P

The final product which is a sticky, gooey dough

Placing the cake on a baking tray

After putting the cake in the fridge to cool off, we get these... waallaaa!! nyummers! very chocolatey and chewy :D


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